Double room telephone enquiries

  1. Answering the phone.

You “Good morning/good afternoon, Haringey Estates how can I help”

Applicant: Hello there. I saw  your ad on Gumtree/rightmove and was interested in the double room you was advertising, just wandering if it is still available”

You:  “ok will have to check. Can you provide me with the property ID number”

Applicant: Yes the property ID is    “ xxxxx  “

You: ok give me a moment to check if it is still available.

Applicant: thank you.

You: Yes the room is still available, when would you like to view the room.

Applicant: I would like to view it tomorrow afternoon at 4pm.

You: Ok I will book you in and will send you an email confirmation. Can I take you full name, email address and contact number. Also will need to know if the room is just for yourself or for more than 1 person. Also I will need to know your occupation aswell or which kind of job you are currently doing.

Applicant: yes my name is “ xxxxxxxxxxx”, my number is “ xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, email is “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, my occupation is “ sales assistant “